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Monday, October 02, 2006

Going on Sabatical

Ok well I have posted in a few peoples comments sections that I have been dealing with my "online time" and realizing that a few issues have come up that I need to deal with. Mostly I was "wasting" too much of my time trying to keep up this and my other sites. So I have decided to TURN OFF the internet. Thats right as of today I am disconnecting my internet. I will on occasion (about once a week) Go and visit a friend who has internet capabilities and use that but otherwise NO internet for the foreseeable future. I am anticipating this "wilderness" will last from a few months to a few years. Either way I feel I will be better able to focus on God and also I think it will actually HELP my writing and art as now I will be less concerned with "tracking" who liked what and what trends are going on. Of course this also means LESS comments on other sites and practically NO surfing.
I fear I will feel disconnected at first but my problem is I have connected more with the online world than the real world this last year. And even scarier I have connected more with the internet than with GOD and that is not good.
So I am leaving this blog (it will get some small updates when I do visit the online world so everyone will know I am still alive) and my other sites are all going onto autopilot (most were set up that way anyway but I still freted the details too much)
I will keep writing and will publish the updates as I can (most will be found on Gethsemene Rose My Daily Devotional Site) and a few will go here.
I feel my art will improve so hopefully Gnomes R Us will do better as I can do better art for it.
And MOST importantly I feel that this will give me more time to focus on getting closer to God and finding out what he is trying to do in me.
Thanks for all your prayers and support. To my family God Bless you. I will always be working towards US.

Oh one final Note. Pastor Brads Sermons will still be updated MOST weeks but it may not be always on Mondays so if it isn't then check back in a few days.


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