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God has sacrificed his son for me. The Bible says that as Christ was praying his sweat was as "drops of blood" the monks who tend the monestary their now Cultivate wondrous roses they say sprang from this blood. I wonder ...

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I am here. God is doing something strange in my life and I am not sure I am comfortable with it but I am trying to adjust to what he wants ('cause after all he IS God LOL)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Time Flies when your working too hard

Well I thought I was going to write some things these last few months but... Well suffice it to say I have been trying to rebuild my life. (not doing so well at it but still trying) I have still not found a good church around here. (Although there are THOUSANDS to choose from). I was managing a Christian Cafe on the beach "Our Daily Bread" but the "Drama" was to much. Now I am earning $8.50 an hour as a Parking Enforcement Officer on the Beach. Working 8pm to 4 am sure takes it out of you. Oh well. Anyway I still know God is with me 'cause I am still breathing and still finding ways to make even this job a SERVICE to him. I am so tired though and with Kerri (or the state of CT) suing me for 10 grand this week I am wondering ... Will it ever get easier? Probably not! Oh well, as Paul said "Don't worry be happy" (Ok so he didn't quite say it that way but it is essentially what he meant).

I will try to keep writing here and at I have had time for a few new Tshirt Designs check out Jesus is my Sensei Three different takes on the same concept. I am also working on some stuff from the Warrior Poetes song ... Shoot I cant remember the name of the song but it is from their FIRST album the one that goes "If we are the body..."

Well anyway I gotta go it is getting late (or early depending on your sleep cycle)


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