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Saturday, August 12, 2006

CafeGrabber Demo

So there is this company that has made a real cool product to help out CafePress store owners in making a Froogle Feed (something I am just learning about) anyway they are a brand new company so they wanted to make a Demonstration of how the program worked they Invited ME and have used my store ( Gethsemene Rose Gifts and created a demonstration Movie the movie called CafeGrabber Demo has now been created The product is awesome (the sent me the file created by the program and I uploaded it to froogle in just a few minutes this is one great program and also some also Press for ME and my store what a win win situation. God is Good. So check out the movie. Buy the program (if you are a cafepress store owner if you aren't then you should become one go to my store first and become one then buy the CafeGrabber) and lets sell some shirts


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