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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

T minus 10 Minutes

Ok so I know real time blogging is silly by the time I finish typing this and hit publish it will be over. (is already T minus 9 Minutes) I am watching NASA TV. I first want to rant. I went to my browser and Typed and found a PARKED SITE the U.S. GOVT needs to do something about this. We cannot afford to own NASA.ORG? that is crazy I think the owner of it should donate it to the government. So anyway I had to go to yahoo news to find info on the launch is now : "Time to put this nation back into space" (T minus seven minutes) They are starting the recorders and the Shuttle Prestart. The Orbital Test conductor has given the astronauts a go ahead and I am pretty excited (I have had NASA Channel on for the last 45 Minutes.) There are plenty of people on hand this will be some great 4th of July Fireworks. (T minus 5 Minuts) The wind is kicking up They are showing some cool pics of flags blowing GO FOR AUXILLARY POWER UNIT activation. The Primary objective of this mission is to test safety of future shuttle flights and to deliver critical supplies to the international space station (T minus 4 minutes) The "Smoke" from the bottom has turned from WHITE to grey. The nozzles are moving to test them one last time. AWESOME CLOSEUP. (T Minus 3 minutes and counting) they might stop at T minus 1 minute for up to 3 minutes. The Vent hood is being retracted from the top of the Large Fuel tank and the Astronauts have been told to close thier faceplates (T minus 2 minutes and Counting) The tower is moving away. T Minus 90 seconds and counting ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO. DISCOVERY is going to launch. Is a beautifull clear day. a few clouds (T minus 60 seconds) Transfering to INTERNAL power comming up on go for auto sequence start the auto sequence is go t minus 15 , 12, 11, 10 sparks 5, 2, 1, liftoff awesome
holding breath
57 seconds in first breath
Throttle up.
1:47 into flight things going great standing by for seperation from solid rocket booster
Seperation confirmed
2:35 into flight still great
going to post this now. Everyting is GREAT 3:30 minutes in altitude 54 miles I am happy.


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