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God has sacrificed his son for me. The Bible says that as Christ was praying his sweat was as "drops of blood" the monks who tend the monestary their now Cultivate wondrous roses they say sprang from this blood. I wonder ...

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I am here. God is doing something strange in my life and I am not sure I am comfortable with it but I am trying to adjust to what he wants ('cause after all he IS God LOL)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Just in case you thought I had quit

I am still biking. The route is getting easier I can do one lap (3.3 miles) now the final half mile is up a hill and it is pretty steep it really kicks my but. I still make it up (usually at the lowest gear and Chris is at the top waiting patiently for me) I have tried doing a second lap and did fine untill I hit the hill for the second time. I had to take one break (was afraid I was going to pass out) but I made it to the top (then promptly collapsed and had to wait a few minutes before I could get back on the bike) Oh I finally got a helmet too that makes a big difference I am more confident going down hills and the helmet redirects air around my head keeping me cooler it also has a sweat band and that is NICE. I can see better now. Anyway I will keep you up to date as I get better.


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