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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To Leak or Not to Leak that is the ?

I have not seen anyone other than people with CP at the end of their name tell us that "big" affiliates only like leak free shops but what I have seen in other sites (those who we are not allowed to name) wether they be T-shirts to real estate is plenty of leaky stuff and the model works for them. I was in real estate sales for a while and the best way to atract a lead was to slowly train them to come back to you because they got good OUTSIDE information then eventually they bought from you. NOW I know HIGH dollar real estate and T-shirt sales are two different models but I also know that most of the succesful affiliate programs I have seen involve MULTIPLE streams of affiliates on a page. (IE we sell Rotweiller T-shirts and Mugs and the coffee to go in the mugs and Rotweiller grooming supplies and Yard supplies to take care of the mess the Rotty has made and Lawyers incase you get sued and dating services (for you and your dog) etc) these MULTIPLE streams would all look like a leak to someone who is only interested in selling T-shirts. Ok lets break it down I just looked at the top 10 stores according to our own great magazine here are the results

1. Vote Democratic 2008 0 leaks for you
2. Slapnose one leak a statcounter (I suppose that should count as zero so I will give you that one.) for you
3. Philosophy (A great site BTW) 3 leaks (a webby award an always on award and a statcounter) for you
4. Greanpeace. A BIG LEAK To so far the vote is 2 to 2
5. Autism Awarenes: A PROMINENT LEAK at the top of the page the first link on the page
6. Embrace 0 leaks
7. Oshi 0 leaks
8. Angel 3 BIG LEAKS (the second link on her page is a big leak to an autism awareness site then a google ad and webring on the bottom of her page)
9. Autism: the first half of her page is dedicated to two HUGE leaks ( a big drain on any buyer is the first link takes up half the screen space) you do not even see any cafepress products until you start to scroll down a BIG
10. Killville 1 leak to that site is FULL OF leaks.
so the final score is top ten shops 4 leak free and 6 Leak. (and this was only looking at front page of each site I did not go any deeper than that. Verdict is still undecided.


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