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Monday, April 24, 2006

Adventures in Submission Sending

Wow... well This week I decided to learn how to submit sites to be included into thier directories (or whatever they call them) I started with a list of 300 suposedly "free" submission sites that I had gotten on the cafepress forums I then started working my way through them. I didn't get far before I realized this was going to take a LONG time. I also realized that many of them were not free. Two days later I decided to PAY someone to do this for me. So once again I looked. Here however the prospects got grimmer there were sites offering to do this for anywere from $2.50 for 400 sites to $19 for only the 17 best sites. Some offered gaurantees others charged even more finally I settled on but only because it offered the first month FREE to submit to 350 sites including Google, Altavista, MSN and Yahoo.(it will cost me $50 next month but I will probably cancel before then. The best thing I can say is that I learned alot after I submitted my Site. They did this thing that scanned my site and gave me alot of feedback on "Why my site will not work well with search engines" the best part was they told me how to fix it before the next months submissions. I did fix it and tested it again with another free site submission board ( Ineedahit ) this time my results were a lot better (BTW Ineedahit only submits free to 40 sites and none of the top 5.) anyway my sites are now submitted I also think I have found who I will be submitting through in a few weeks when it is time to resubmit (it will probably not be isubmit but go there anyway for the free month trial and the free reports you may just stay. Oh they also have stat tracking as part of the monthly fee that they give you free that first month
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