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God has sacrificed his son for me. The Bible says that as Christ was praying his sweat was as "drops of blood" the monks who tend the monestary their now Cultivate wondrous roses they say sprang from this blood. I wonder ...

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I am here. God is doing something strange in my life and I am not sure I am comfortable with it but I am trying to adjust to what he wants ('cause after all he IS God LOL)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Benefit of the doubt!

Someone taught me this today. Thanks!!


1. Something good gained or received.

Thesaurus: advantage, gain, profit, help, good, avail, boon, blessing, asset, assistance; Antonym: harm, detriment.
2. Advantage or sake.

Example: for your benefit
3. A payment made by a government or company insurance scheme, usually to someone who is ill or out of work.

Example: social security benefit
Form: benefits (often)
4. A concert, match, performance at a theatre, etc from which the profits are given to a particular cause, person or group of people in need.

verb benefited, benefiting, benefitted, benefitting

1. To gain an advantage or receive something good from it or as a result of it.

Form: benefit from something (especially)
Form: benefit by something
2. To do good to someone.

Thesaurus: aid, advance, profit, avail, enhance, further, promote, ameliorate; Antonym: harm, hinder.
Idiom: give someone the benefit of the doubt

In a case where some doubt remains: to assume that they are telling the truth, or are innocent, because there is not enough evidence to be certain that they are not.
Etymology: 14c: from French benfet, from Latin benefactum good deed.


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